Monthly Archives: August 2016

Five Weeks Old Today!

My little bundles of pups are enjoying life, having fun in the garden.  They are yet to meet that rabbits, despite the rabbits having the run of the garden. Today was worming day – so I end up with a … Continue reading

Time flying by – almost five weeks old

Time with the puppies goes very quickly – they are developing so fast and we are trying to enjoy them as much as possible.  Puppy playtime is the time we see the puppies at their best.  They are learning how … Continue reading

Playing in the garden

Another busy day with the pups, they have had lots of free time in the garden.  They are becoming very confident.  Exploring the garden and running about.  I love watching them trying to run but they can’t quite cope with … Continue reading

Everyone needs an Uncle Melvin

Maggie is still feeding the puppies, they have milk about four times a day.  Maggie generally is happy to leave them but does keep a close eye on them.  So with this is mind, Melvin appears to be taking advantage … Continue reading

First experience of playtime in the lounge

The puppies have had their first experience of playing in the lounge, which has been so lovely. They are amusing as they explore the room. They already do the Labrador “bum tuck” it is so funny. Photo of our pup … Continue reading

Exploring in the garden

With the lovely weather we have been having, it has enabled us to spend time with the puppies exploring the garden.  So initially they have the pen which is small enough for them to adapt to this new idea of … Continue reading

Weaning the puppies

Weaning the puppies is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and it usually starts off with me giving them the Royal Canin Starter Mousse, which is very creamy in texture, then I move on to the starter kibble – which I … Continue reading

Four Weeks Old Today

The puppies are four weeks old today and doing fabulously. They are growing and developing very quickly.  Today we have had to clip their claws again!  The toilet training is coming on really well – I must stress this is … Continue reading

Our routine is getting there!

The puppies are doing really well with their weaning.  They are now on three meals a day.  I am combining their tinned Royal Canin with soaked kibble (also Royal Canin).  This is then put into the blender and made into … Continue reading

Busy Weekend!

Yesterday we had the Marchstone Labrador Reunion, it was a lot of fun inspire of the weather forecast predicting horrendous conditions – with wind up to 60mph. I had cancelled the reunion based on the forecast but some people still … Continue reading