Monthly Archives: July 2011

Melvin at the beach with his family!

We took all the dogs to the beach and they had a wonderful time.  Charlie loves to attempt to surf the waves, whilst the others just bomb around after the ball. Melvin took to the water quite readily and was … Continue reading

Brotherly Love

Stanley and Melvin… A growing bond.  Stanley and Melvin have a strong relationship whereby they are very happy to curl up together and on a walk they play together too!  Charging around like loonies it is lovely to see Melvin “stalking” … Continue reading

Oh no poor Stanley!

Today was spent walking many dogs.  I enjoy the variety of the dogs I walk and usually, still get to enjoy a nice peaceful walk with my gang.  I took my five dogs to Buddle Woods and enjoyed a quiet … Continue reading

Where did my cute boy go?

At the tender age of 4months and 1day…. my dear sweet little boy has been up to a few naughty things ALL in ONE DAY! gah!  oh I paid for all my nice comments, he sniggered at me today when … Continue reading

Today the puppies are four months old!!

Here we are – the pups have reached four months old.  Melvin is now fully toilet trained with no accidents at all for at least two weeks now.  We have taken the gang to Rame Head in Cornwall.  We went in … Continue reading

New puppies due in August (not mine!)

A dear friend of mine – her labrador is expecting puppies.  They will be due in August.  I am so pleased and excited for Poppy.  Fabulous news!