Welcome to Pup’s Diary

News and updates on our new litter of puppies as they happen!

Pups turn 10 weeks old today!

Most of the puppies have gone to their new homes, we have Miss Orange until Sunday, so I am taking her for her vaccination this morning

The second vaccination can only be done at or after they turn 10 weeks old

We have been winning with Miss Oranges toilet training, obviously as they get older it should get easier. However it is still about timing and opportunity. Some people use a timer, so that when the buzzer goes off they put the puppy out. If you put the puppy out and he or she doesn’t wee, then bring them back in and try again in a few minutes. Miss Orange has very simple signals to let us know she wants to go out. She is quiet and looks at the patio door, then walks away. The look lasts for approximately 1 second, every time we have spotted her doing this, we pop her outside and she has so far had a wee outside every time and we are not getting any accidents inside!

Clearly our efforts of starting the toilet training process are paying off! They still have immature bladders so they might have the occassional accident when in their new home as they wont be familiar with the environment quite so much. They are still very young so do need reminding to go out. So make sure you remain patient. Any accidents they have are down to you not giving them the chance. (so dont shout at them or rub their nose in it which is a very old fashioned method that some people would do). I am really pleased with Miss Oranges progress.

Miss Orange would be racing about all over the house if it wasn’t for the stairgate – she could easily make it up the stairs. Being so little with growing bones it is important to make sure she doesnt do stairs.

A few videos:-

More playtime with fishie
Playtime with the light up balls
Just one puppa left
Staying close to mumma
Miss Orange on another trip out (she was in a specialised puppy sling, which she wasnt overly keen on!)
Miss Orange on another excursion!
When you are bought new toys and you dont get a look in
Enrichment toys are so important for puppies (but make sure you dont over stimulate the puppy by giving engaging toys ALL the time!)
Zoomies, Miss Orange and Wilma
Miss Orange and Wilma playtime
Good Morning Miss Orange
Combining playtime with training
Soul Sisters
Wait for the sweet kiss! (my favourite of the videos!)

9 weeks old and one puppy left.

Our journey has been a busy one, so as most of the puppies left from the age of 8 weeks, we had a puppy leave at 9 weeks and the last puppy will be going at 10 weeks.

So all of the puppies were due to be wormed at 9 weeks, so I hope this has gone well for everyone!

Here are some videos that are from before they were 8 weeks old and through to the weekend. (Im still working my way through them all!).

I love the puppies with all my worth whilst they are with me, to my peril and detriment of my feelings I treat them like they are my own pups (to keep). I have done as much as I physically can to attempt some safe socialisation for them. This has involved either carrying them around the block or taking the last two puppies out in the pushchair.

I have written an article on the importance of sleep for your puppy – please have a little read!

Videos –

Play, sleep = cuddles
Little Cutie
Lucy loves the puppas
one by one the puppies leave
Puppy asmr
Its oh so quiet
Having a lazy day
Cuddle up to Mumma
Bubblicious puppies
Wilma preparing the pups for the big doggoes
Wilma and Miss Orange

Puppy videos before they started to leave home

It has been so hectic that I just haven’t had a chance to keep up to speed with the videos (there are still more to sort out). With two videos after four had left!!! I am now left with two puppas! They are doing great. I have heard back from the four puppy owners and all are happy!

The puppies nursery
Beautfiul puppas
slo mo pupppies
Now stay very still Im just checking your teefs
Miss purple is actually a toy dog not a real pup (do not treat pups like toys!)
Going for a stroll in great grannies pushchair – taking the two last pups out for a walk in the pushchair so they can experience life outside in safety! (and save my arms!!!)
you have one job (and you failed!)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Puppies being greeted by Mumma, Wilma and Nonna

My special puppies! They are all cracking little puppies

Puppy photo gallery updated … scroll through as some older photos have been added, but still in chronological order (photos of puppas in the Marchstone Labradors)

Homing day has arrived!

Wow – 8 weeks have passed so quickly! Some of it in a complete haze for me! However, I have enjoyed these wonderful little puppies. They have been so sweet, endearing and mainly calm. As they have developed they have got faster and way too entertaining!!

We do have some singers, gardeners, home decor designers and fashion gurus amongst us! They are an intelligent little bunch, I couldn’t be happier with how they have turned out and I look forward to learning of their adventures and seeing how they develop in the future.

I have done everything I can to ensure they are well rounded and socialised puppies, the toilet training has gone well but you need to keep it up – it is about opportunity. They haven’t had poos in the house for week (even with upset tummies after they were wormed they asked to go out!!).

To the new puppy owners…. please do not forget me, do not forget how much I have cared for these little guys! As part of my journey with the pups I need to know they are ok in their new homes!

Videos :-

Puppy Pile
Wilma and Tilly with the Tots
Kisses with Mumma
Send Help! Poor Wilma!
Mumma playing with her pups
Miss Pink- Am I the drama?
Miss Purple – the specialist drummer
Puppies with good beginnings have happy futures
Little Monkeys play so hard!
Puppy Bubbles
Miss Orange plays the drums!
Sisters playing in harmony!
This mornings play
Sleepy Puppies


Homing day is fast approaching

We have had a really busy time at Marchstone.

The puppies were wormed at the weekend and unfortunately had quite a reaction to it. I had used the same wormer as the product I used at 5 weeks old. So since Saturday’s worming the puppies had quite soft poos from the Sunday onwards. This hasnt entirely cleared up but at least heading in the right direction. We then had vomiting puppies which can be very dangerous when they are so small as they can become dehydrated very quickly.. You have to act fast so off to the vets we went! Two of the puppies required an anti emetic injection which settled things down for them. Fingers crossed we are getting there as dealing with pups and upset tummies is hard work (worrying emotionally and obviously keeping them clean too) add to the mix a heatwave and keeping them cool, whilst not exposed to the heat has been an extra complication to give much more consideration to. The patio had to be covered with vetbed and towels to ensure we didnt burn there little paws!

On the upside, the puppies are in fact asking to go outside! So we are experiencing fewer accidents. whoop whoop!

The puppies are starting to get better poos now so hopefully we are on the up. Today is vaccination day so wish me luck as I am taking them on my own! EEEP!

The pups have upped a gear so more barricades have been erected (Im already having to clamber over the fence to get into the garden pen!).

I have started to take the pups on trips around the block whereby I carry them, to show them the big wide world! All pups have had one trip around.. I like to try and do it twice if I can! This gives them the experience that there is more to life than our garden in the security of my arms!

I have updated the puppy photo gallery!

the photos of the puppies that have just been uploaded there are a couple of Miss Pink without her collar but mainly she has her collar on! (It happens sometimes… they are safety release collars)

Ringlight with the puppies
Oh Miss Red you are a sweetie
Crazy puppies – playtime
You cant touch this (SO JUMP!) this is so incredibly cute!
Bouncy puppies
Puppy playtime Puppy play Medley
Having their best time
Puppy Play Woof and Tumble

7 weeks old today!

Today has been busy – the pups have all been weighed and wormed! Now they are bigger this means they need more of the worming liquid!! EEEeeep!!!!!.

They have had their claws clipped too. This is now the sixth time they have been clipped….so thats 36 sets of paws I have clipped, totalling 648 claws that have been clipped on wiggling little puppas, so far!!!

The puppies are much busier now and are learning how to be dogs! This means they are playing rougher than they were. The playfights they are having now enables them to learn that biting hurts!

With the weather being so hot, we are covering the patio before putting the puppies out to protect their feet. You may not have heard of the 5 second rule – but you should check your patio, artificial grass or pavement. If you cannot place your hand comfortably on the hot surface then you MUST not be exposing your dogs (or in my case the puppies) to the hot surface. I am worried for the next few day as I have not had puppies during a heatwave before. I have spent the day organising yoghurt frozen pops for the puppies and the adult dogs, to have sporadically throughout the day (ie not vast quantities in one go) organising ways to keep them cool. I am as prepared as I can be. It is very important to not let them get hot in the first place. I dont want to have to implement protocol for heatstroke cases.

please read this article…heatstroke….noting my article refers to ice cubes… the small yoghurt pops I make are used for prevention and offered in small quantities is prevention, ice cubes for heatstroke is NOT treatment.

Some videos of the sweet chaos in the puppy room (formerly known as my tidy lounge).

Medley of Daily playtime

Wilma takes charge of her toy

Time to go fishing

Marchstone Supermodels

Beautiful chaos lots of puppy jumps

Exercise before bedtime

Did someone say biscuits?

Puppies are developing so quickly

Too much puppy activity – means more videos! Last night they sped up! So our workload is now becoming harder as they are under our feet and hard to catch!!They are funny to watch as they learn to master running as fast their brain thinks they can!

We have had our first escapee from the whelping box, came downstairs this morning to find a puppy looking back at me through the door!

We are now adopting the very unique walk that all puppy breeders eventually have to master, the slide stride. This is keeping your feet as flat to the surface as you can and slide along. This is to avoid accidentally catching an active puppy who is whizzing by!

Im half way through clipping their claws (3 pups left to do) they are so busy it is a two person job!

Been fishing, caught me a fishie!

When you look up in the video dictionary, the term “Puppy Pile”

Going on a puppy walk

Boop the snoot

slo mo puppies

Daily playtime

Puppy playtime

Puppy fun with the water fountain

Bundles of mischief all over the place (this one is a bit whizzy, so might make you feel a little odd!).

Puppy wipeout,rufty tufty, boops & mumma too

Playtime medley

Sleepy puppy

Playtime combo

What is a better game than bitey face when everyone else is asleep?

Tilly’s tots playtime

Caring for Puppies in this heat…

Please be so careful with this extreme heat. So the heat can be retained in hard surfaces such as pavements and your patio slabs in the garden! So don’t let your animals walk on these surfaces which could be boiling hot and cause burns! You can hose down the garden patio to take the heat out. Be aware the heat can be retained for quite some time so do the hand test. If you cannot leave your hand on the patio for longer than 5 seconds then it is too hot. Please use your common sense!!!

We have made a shelter in the garden by putting a ‘roof’ over one corner of fencing. Using the fencing will help with air flow at the sides. The puppies are not being left in the garden in the heat of the day as even in the shelter the air can become too warm.

Things you can do to help your animals and what we have been doing for our puppies and dogs, is spraying them with water, they have the paddling pool which they can walk into safely and giving them little ice pops. The puppies have liked the yoghurt ice pops – I have chopped them into small little bite size pieces to ensure the pups are safe eating them. Make sure you leave plenty of water available. It is so important to keep your animals hydrated.

If you are concerned your animal may be suffering with heat stroke please do not dowse them in freezing cold water! place a towel on them and spray them with cool water. This towel will need to be kept cool as it absorbs the heat from the animal. The importance of doing it this way is to have even displacement of the cool water. It is very important that the towel is also kept cool by continuing to add water to it. DO NOT COOL your over heated animal with VERY COLD water as the animal will go into shock.

PLEASE do not let your animal over heat. Use cooling mats, cooling bandanas, do NOT walk in the heat of the day. Keep hydrated and if you are in any way concerned about the welfare of your pet.. PHONE YOUR VET!

Basic Health Checks – how to check hydration.

So puppy videos from the past couple of days….

Slo Mo Puppas

Beautiful scampering puppa

Bouncing Puppas

Coming for kisses, ready or not

Tug of war

Happy Puppas

Jaunty Miss Orange

Puppy play in the garden

Mealtimes take less than a minute!

Puppy cruelly attacked by a blanket

Time with Wilma is time well spent

Wilma playing with her siblings

Hello is it me you are looking for?

Mr Blue thinks he can move faster than his little toe beans!

Its a pups life, play, eat, sleep, repeat

Is this the way to amarillo?

Wilma’s patience is astounding

Puppy shenanigans

6 weeks old and gathering momentum

Well.. I say they are gathering momentum, the heat has slowed them down. So the only time they are really quite fast is first thing in the morning and last thing at night!! I am hoping this hot weather is going to disappear soon as it is way too much for our precious bundles and is causing me anxiety.

So …. I am spraying them regularly with water and ensuring they have plenty of shade when they are in the garden. They are not in the garden for any length of time when the heat is making everything unbearable.

Summer has never been my season, as I have so many animals to ensure are kept safe from the heat it is a full time job in itself.

I always have doggy ice cubes in the freezer however I have had to modify them to accommodate the puppies teeth. So I have made thinner ice cubes for them. If they are too chunky it could cause damage to their teeth. I will try the modified ice cubes later. Fingers crossed they are ok and then I can make them some more.

We have had a busy weekend of visitors so it is hard to get the diary done in addition to making sure everything else is kept up to speed.

So… the pups are just doing fabulously. They are adorable and still a balanced litter with regard their characters.

Here are a “few” videos. (ha ha… more than the last time – so another bumper crop!)

Paddling pool I am using Katherine’s sled as a first stage paddling pool. Im hoping to put them in the small paddling pool soon. They love the little duckies!!!

Where would we be without Wilma?

Rapid and Repeated Attacks! The pups are pinging me with kisses! Love this so much!

Early Morning Capers

Wilma covered in puppies!

Drift away with the bubbles

Puppy play indoors as it is so hot outside!

Im so hungry!

Settling down to sleep

Cute puppa, Miss Yellow playing ball

Line up for Mumma kisses

Miss Yellow playing ball

Miss Pink strutting her stuff

Puppy play in the garden

Perfect relationship between Big Sister and Miss Purple

Referee needed for the hooligans!

Miss Red

Miss Orange

Nothing to see here!

Its ok I got it, this snake is history!

Miss Orange

Perfect spin

Early morning puppy playtime

Super puppy power

Early morning capers

Photos have been added to the pups gallery

Such Fun!

The puppies have ramped up a gear and have decided today is the day that the No List is opened. They were hanging off my trouser legs as I was putting them in the garden – let me tell you it is no easy feat to get puppies safely in the garden when they are under your feet and playing with your ankles and trousers!

So – toilet training…. going really well ! We are constantly putting the pups in and out of the pen into the garden. All poos are consistently in the garden. This mornings pen had only two wees in it from overnight – so this is a really good sign that they are hanging on! At not even six weeks old this is really remarkeable. Well done Puppies!

Here are a bumper set of videos!

Wilma Playtime

Tilly plays with her pups for the first time! This was a couple of days ago….Such a magical moment as Tilly has been finding it hard to spend time with them without them constantly wanting to feed, so this was a special moment as she has wanted to enjoy her pups!

Crazy puppa big sister Wilma

Beautiful Mumma Tilly

It takes patience to be a good Mumma

Puppa chewing on Mumma’s paw!

Wilma playing with Tilly!

Tilly playing with pup (so endearing to watch this stage of Tillys relationship developing!)

Plenty of puppy activity

Crazy antics

Love you Mumma

The NO list has been opened!!!

Puppy playtime

Wilma and Tilly enjoying the pups

Wilma on playtime duties

Puppies bouncing and skipping

Mum mum mummy mumma

True story camera operator attacked!

Wait for it – someone needed a kiss!

Puppy scampering

and saving the best till last – flight of the bumblebees