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News and updates on our new litter of puppies as they happen!

just a quick entry

I cant believe I missed out a few videos when I was putting on a mammoth amount of videos yesterday!

Puppa Zoo Zoom

Its a kind of magic

A beautiful moment with Tilly and her puppies at the milk bar.


Fast approaching 6 weeks!

Time has gone so quickly and the puppies are just smashing it! They are really cute delightful little pups.

Toilet training is going so well. All poos have been in the garden since my last diary entry (with the exception of one) this is amazing.

Most of the wee’s are outside and they are holding on long enough for us to carry them out. They seem to be asking to go out as when they cry, if we dont get to them in time, they will then wee in the whelping box!

You will have noticed with the videos that Wilma is featuring a lot with Tilly not in many. She is very well in herself but is on a learning curve with feeding puppies that have sharp teeth so hasnt wanted to stay around longer than necessary. However last night was a turning point whereby she actually had some playtime with them! (I do have a video but I haven’t had a chance to review it yet).

Before starting the videos (of which there are many – you might want to get the chocolate biscuits out!) I hope you can appreciate I take many videos which all need reviewing and not all of them make it, so it isn’t at all that I focus on any one particular puppy! The puppies love the phone and one of them made a video call to someone on facebook – completley by accident. I would have been so pleased to receive that random video call! LOL

The baby toys they have, are great for the age that I have them for as they are designed to be hung up on to cots, prams or on mobiles – so this is ideal as I can use the clips to hang them up in the whelping box or on the fence in the garden. This encourages the puppy to look at them and bat them about. They also love the baby toy that has buttons, lights and wonderful noises. Any of the baby toys you see in the videos will NOT be suitable for when pups go to their new homes as they will be destroyed relatively easily!

So hopefully you are ready to enjoy the videos – I love them all, but there are some in particular that really fill me with joy so please feel free to comment in the FB group if you like individual videos!

Slo Mo Angels (love this one!)

Puppies playing indoors

Bounce Skip Hop (Indoor play)

Puppy power

Wilma on Mum duties

Come on puppies, I have all the loves rght here!

Slo Mo Pink Panther

Wilma stealing a puppy toy

Puppies covered in milk

Cutest thing on the internet!!! (seriously – this is one of my favourite videos – so cute) …(with a mistake in the heading of the video on tiktok – unfortunately I cannot alter it!)

Puppies after they have had a bowl of milk

Wilma in charge of cleaning the pups up!

Bundles of cute puppies

Puppies need enrichment toys

Proud big sister

Puppy pile up

Whats better than puppies charging towards you? Slo Mo Puppies!

Puppies are intrigued by the baby toy that has buttons, lights and music?

Double Boop

Trio of Tots (Winnie the Poo)

5 weeks old!

Busy busy!

The puppies have been having lots of playtime and I can see characters developing now.

Weaning is going really well. Puppies were wormed again on Saturday ad have had their claws clipped too!

So … over the past couple of days we have had fun in the garden and puppy playtime in the house too!

Play before bedtime!
Last one going to bed!!!

Early morning play!

Nothing to see here! (mumma doesnt need to know!!!)

Angelic puppies! (flying without wings!)

Boing Boing! (just the cutest little puppa)

Pups in the garden

Play all day!

So proud of big sister Wilma

Tilly is being such a wonderful Mumma

The puppy gallery has been updated!

What have these puppies been up to?? !!

Puppies are now having four meals a day and doing well. They are mainly having soaked kibble but I have tried them out on dry kibble and they did very well on it!

The pups are learning to play amongst each other and they are mainly respectful towards each other!

Oh No! Her nose fell in to my mouth – honest!!!

Miss Red – on the catwalk with her entourage one of my favourite videos!

Puppas in the garden

Miss Pink…. boop!

va va voom

Puppy fix

24hrs apart – the puppies are getting so big now that Tilly is finding it hard to remain comfortable whilst feeding them, so she is tending to feed them standing up now!

Beautiful sleepy puppy

Puppy playtime

(joke) There has been a major incident so phonecalls had to be made! An investigation has been opened up! Update on incident soon!

Such captivating puppies!

The pups are so entertaining. I am loving having these little cherubs, they are a very calm litter, with a couple of pups who are clearly thinkers! Having puppies that sit and reflects are worth their weight in gold!

Toilet training is going exceptionally well! No poo’s in the pen overnight for two nights and no poo’s indoors either! To have no night time poo’s for a couple of nights is particularly astonishing for their age.

We are getting most of the wee’s outside – not surprisingly we cannot get them all, all of the time, but a very good effort is being made and I would say 90% of the wee’s are outside!

Here are a few videos from 28th and 29th (there may be a few more to come but Im still going through them!!).

Mr Blue on the catwalk (with the cutest little silent woof at the beginning)

The Bounce (this is extraordinarily cute..play on repeat is advised!)

Little Pickles in the lounge – not the best of quality videos…. BUT this is the first time they have had playtime in the lounge and they LOVED it!

Puppy play in the lounge

Skips and bops

Miss Purple on the catwalk

Miss Pink busting some moves

Miss Purple football star showing how it is done!

The Hustle, Wilma distracts the puppy to get the ball!

Puppies strutting their stuff – showing how its done!!

Little Update

Everything is going well with the puppies. They are on 4 meals a day and have progressed from the porridge mixture (soaked kibble) which has been blended to having kibble that is soaked and is like little sponges. This will help take the strain off Tilly now. Tilly has been amazing as she is still feeding them even though you can tell she cant cope with them when they are ravenous.

Toilet training is also going exceedingly well!!! All poos have been outside today! YES! We are getting them out regularly so approximately 80% of the wees are also outside.

The puppies are learning how to play with the toys we have given them. They like to hold toys and yomp on them. Learning how to play with a ball is exquisite!

A few videos!!!

Roll call

Going on a puppy walk

Been out drinking… Know how to party – could they handle it? look worse for wear now!

Mumma Milk Tilly is so tired bless her

Next stage of Weaning

oh and a new article from me, Ode to a dog breeder! A small insight to consider the meaning of time. People often think they might like to have a litter of pups – it isnt a case of cuddling them all day long. There is a lot to it and fundamentally time is a massive factor in how well you cope! So many things to consider, finances, resources, welfare, health tests, research and having a mentor all BEFORE you even consider a mating.

4 weeks old

We are now half way in with having our beautiful puppies! They are such sweet adorable pups.

Yesterday they were 4 weeks old – we celebrated this milestone with a weighing and clipping of the claws.

Clipping claws is an intricate business as the claws are so very tiny that you don’t want to accidentally clip the claw too short or worse harm the pup through being over zealous with the nail clippers. Often people who breed puppies have no idea that the claws should be clipped regularly. This is now the third time they have been clipped!

Weights (Pups in order of birth). (BW – Birthweight)

Miss Orange (BW) 330g is now 2780g

Miss Pink (BW) 422g is now 3090g

Miss Red (BW) 346g is now 2780g

Miss Purple (BW) 306g is now 2780g

Miss Yellow (BW) 378g is now 3030g

Mr Blue (BW) 388g is now 2930g

In order of heaviest at birth compared to weights now.

1)Pink 1) Pink 3090
2)Blue 2) Yellow 3030 (60g less than pink)
3)Yellow 3) Blue 2930 (100g less than yellow)
4)Red 4) Red
5)Orange 4) Orange
6)Purple 4) Purple

I am pleased the litter is so balanced there is little between them all at this stage! With the bottom 3 weights now being of equal weights!

A “few” videos over the past few days…..some proper smashers in amongst these!

Wilma’s job is to administer kisses! She takes on this challenge throughout the day and smashes it!

You have to watch this puppies, they have the bite of a lion!

Miss Red steals the show!

Puppy playtime in the garden

Going on a puppy walk (no harness required!) (Recall commands of pup pup pup or puppy puppy puppy or puppity puppity puppity – all work!!)

Little Miss Red

Puppy Playtime part 1

Puppy Playtime part 2

and saving the best till last!!!!! Im not giving it away with the title!!!!!

I have added photos to the Tilly’s Puppies 2022 photo gallery, here are a couple of my favourites!

What are the pups up to?!

22nd June
Wilma is taking on the role of puppy sitting. She checks in on the pups regularly. Wilma likes to bring the puppies toys, I think with a small agenda of taking away a different toy! She cleans them and continues to be blown away by them!

Adorable Puppies Wilma taking her pup sitting role very seriously.
Puppies tummies are just asking for raspberries to be blown on them.
Pup Sitting Duties
Wilma is that happy – Air Guitar Tail!!
When you always say Pup pup pup pup puppy and a certain someone thinks she is being recalled!!!

23rd June

The puppies are loving the weaning process. So we start them off with puppy mousse that we add warm water too to make it liquidy. They have enjoyed slurping up this yummy liquid. Over the past few days we have reduced the qty of mousse which is then replaced wth soaked, liqiudised puppy kibble. They are eating everything put in front of them! YAY – great work puppies!

Wilma is on watch to clean up the bowls and check on them after they have finished.

Mealtime – part1

Mealtime – part 2

Tilly is an excellent attentive Mumma. Spending up to two hours feeding them is impressive. Tilly pops her head over the top of the whelping box even when they are fast asleep, just to check they are all still there!

The puppies are incredibly sweet and very balanced. Im really enjoying watching their development. They are having such a lovely time in the garden, their confidence is growing all the time!

25 days old!

Watching them come on in leaps and bounds continues to fill me with awe! They are so confident in the garden that it astounds me they seem to have so much confidence at this tender age.

Here are a few videos from today….

New toys in the nursery!

Miss Orange and her special friend!

I am so very lucky I get to have cuddles in abundance!

The best part about a litter of puppies? Is the puppy pile before they settle down to sleep!

The Puppies are just over 3 weeks old!

There development is now racing ahead! They are playing with each other and also starting to pick up toys. It is just pure joy watching these puppies! They are making lots more woofing noises (which is just adorable!!!).

Today they have had two meals in addition to their Mumma’s milk.

We have now completed the course of worming, a daily dose of panacur for three days. They hated it but we got through it without event (no upset tummies). No worms have been seen! We routinely choose to worm from the age of three weeks, repeating worming every two weeks until they leave. We will continue our course of worming with Drontal suspension (which is one dose a day). Tilly also has to get wormed at the same time as any potential worms can pass through the milk.

Another milestone has been reached – they now have their deciduous teeth (baby teeth!) so they will definitely enjoy having something to hold on to as their teeth finish coming through! So more toys will get introduced now!

The puppies have had several short periods of time in the garden today and I am delighted to say they have started to explore already! This is amazing for such youngsters!

So toilet training has commenced – obviously at this stage we are very relaxed about it, as we are creating a habit for them. This helps our future owners as it means the puppies should have a pretty good idea that the garden is where they need to go for wee’s and poo’s. All six pups did a poop in the garden this morning, and 4 did a poop in the garden this afternoon! What a result! Im so pleased!

Here are a few videos!

Puppies leaning how to play

Feeding time with Mumma (on the living room floor rather than in the whelping box!) they had been having a little scamper about before they went to their Mum

Engaging with their litter mates and climbing over their Mumma

Confident pups in the garden

Wilma adores her siblings I get the feeling that Wilma is going to make a good Mumma in the future! (If we are lucky enough to proceed with Wilma as she hasnt had her hips and elbows scored yet!)