Grape and Raisin Poisoning in Dogs

Dogs who have eaten grapes or raisins can exhibit gastrointestinal signs including vomiting and diarrhoea and then signs of kidney failure which can take up to three weeks to show up.  Severe damage will show when approximately 75% of the kidney is damaged.    The Kidney damage is irreversible as the kidney cannot self repair.

Due to the severity of the signs and the potential fatality, the poison control centre suggest intensive treatment for any dogs who have potentially  ingested excessive amounts of grapes or raisins, treatment can be: inducing vomiting, stomach lavage (stomach pumping) and administration of activated charcoal, followed by intravenous fluid therapy for at least 48 hours.  Blood tests should be done to check kidney function.

You must consult your vet for further advice and treatment.

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