Marchstone Majestic Melv

9th March 2011

Health Tests

BVA Eye Test Certificate “Unaffected” January 2012

Hip Score 2:7

PRA Optigen dna tested – Carrier

Melvin has now been neutered, something I was hoping to avoid, but for the safety our wonderful Maggie we had to make the decision.

Melvin is a fabulous dog with an amazing temperament.  A very steady dog and a quick learner.  Melvin is everything we look for in a dog.  He is quiet indoors and great fun outdoors.  He is very calm in the house and reacts well with children, he seems to know, automatically, how to behave around young children and babies.  We have an assortment of animals in our home (cats, a rabbit, a parrot and pet rats!) and Melvin loves them all.  This dog is a great addition to the Marchstone Gang.  His biggest attribute is his athletism.  Whilst on a walk this dog will do all that it takes to retrieve the ball.  If this means leaping approx 6ft into the air and appearing to be suspended in the air whilst extending his body just that fraction more or scaling a 7ft wall this dog will do it (and more) as he is fearless and his agility is striking.  To be honest, I cannot express adequately in words just how special this boy is.  Bless him, our very first yellow boy and he is FAN-TAS-TIC!

Melvin is a “Tiggeretriever!”


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