Monthly Archives: May 2022

3 days old (Please click on the links to watch some short videos!) The puppies are all putting on weight really well. I have had to adjust their collars – this is something I have to keep an eye on at … Continue reading

The Newborns

When you are responsible for newborns you have to make various checks, daily, to ensure everything is going well. So along with checking their weight twice a day, I also monitor their umbilical chords and belly buttons. The umbilical cords … Continue reading

Tilly’s Tots have arrived!

The puppies were due to arrive on Monday, so when Tilly was showing signs of being in labour on Saturday at 4pm, we were a little bit surprised that the first stage labour was for only an hour as it … Continue reading

One Week to go!

Tilly is now 57 days pregnant.  Her tummy feels very full indeed.  When she is laying down, the sides of her tummy are rather pronounced!  Tilly is very happy, content and wants lots of cuddles (she is quite a weight … Continue reading

Just over 7 weeks Pregnant

Tilly is 52 days pregnant (based on first mating), she is very fit in herself, happy and healthy. The start of the fascinating journey of a developing pregnancy begins initially at the scan when the pregnancy is confirmed and you … Continue reading

The countdown is on – three weeks to go

Tilly is now 6 weeks pregnant, her tummy is looking plump and a little saggy! Tilly has had a little morning sickness which I have been giving her ginger biscuits for. Other than the occasional morning sickness she is very … Continue reading

Tilly is 5 weeks pregnant!

I like to try and show the journey of the puppies as they develop, so here is a peek into Tilly’s tummy! Over the past five weeks a lot of changes will have been taking place. The fertilised eggs do … Continue reading