Checklist for Basic Healthy in a Pup 

When choosing a puppy it is helpful to have an idea of what is the normal appearance of a healthy puppy.

A healthy pup will exhibit the following signs:

  • Keen reflexes, reacts to stumulus of noise, light and also movement.
  • No discharge from the nose.
  • Clean and smell free ears!
  • The coat should be soft, supple and clean coat. The coat should be glossy and free from parasites and wounds.
  • Free Limb movement – no lameness, stiffness or evidence of pain.
  • Pink Gums. Which are a good indication of good circulation. If the gums are red this can be a sign of infection.
  • Normal interest in food and water.
  • Good interaction with other littermates. Should not be reserved, quiet or sleepy ALL of the time. Very young healthy puppies do sleep alot, but you must have had a chance to observe the litter playing too.  Which is why it helps if you can view a litter more than once!

The following may be hard to observe whilst viewing a puppy however should be kept in mind:- Urine – should be clear yellow and passed easily without straining, difficulty or pain.  Faeces should be firm and brown. Should be passed without undue straining, no blood or mucus or loose stools. It should be noted that if the puppy is recently wormed then the stools are likely to be a little soft. It is ideal for the pup to have firm stools and not raging diarrhoea. 

The puppies should have already been checked over for birth defects such as a hernia.

It is advisable to have your puppy checked over by a vet a few days after taking him/her home.

Please also look at Advice on Feeding Quantities to help guide you with how much to give your puppy.

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