We all like to give our dogs treats but it is not the best thing to do. The expression “killing with kindness” comes to mind.

It is preferable to use some kibble from that days ration of food. This way you are not introducing food that could cause an upset stomach or have an impact on what is already a nutritionally balanced diet.

You also, will not be adding to the dogs calorie counter. Labradors WILL have you believe they are always hungry and therefore would readily eat as much as you give them.

I don’t like giving my dogs rawhide chews as they tend to eat them whole, they don’t chew them up.  Rawhides are not easily digested, particularly if swallowed whole they end up getting stuck in the dogs stomach, potentially creating a blockage.

Bones – for years I have struggled with the concept of giving a bone to my dogs – I don’t like raw bones and some cooked bones will splinter when chewed. I do prefer, however the antler chews. They are perfectly safe for dogs to chew as they don’t splinter, they don’t smell and they don’t make a mess. They are a natural treat which are good for the dogs teeth. So if you have a dog with allergies an antler chew is the perfect option.  Please visit this website for more information on dog antler chews.

You could give your dog cut up raw carrot, this is ideal for dogs that are having problems with excess weight gain.

Another option for dogs with allergies is to make your own treats. I have made liver cakes with success. **Do not give too much liver at once**

Here is a recipe for LIVER CAKES.

Preheat oven 180 degrees.

Chicken livers (pot 227g) *BLEND*

Add 180g of plain flour

Add two eggs (beaten)

Mix together.

Line a baking tray

Pour mix in tray and bake for 20 minutes

Test the cooked liver cake with a knife.  the knife should come out clean – if the cake is still partly baked (wet mix on the knife) then leave in for another 5mins.

Take out of oven and cut into small squares.

Freeze half of the treats (they defrost quite easily).

WARNING – DO NOT LEAVE TREATS UNATTENDED IN YOUR COAT POCKET – you will end up with a chewed up coat!

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