Monthly Archives: March 2013

20 days old!

We have been spending time sitting in the pen with the puppies crawling over us, it is the nicest feeling.  I love seeing the puppies squirming up to you and crawling all over you, trying to get under you, climbing … Continue reading

Yesterdays update….18 days old

Yesterday was worming day!  Not my favourite part of having puppies but luckily we all escaped the event unscathed.  No evidence of worms which is fab!  The puppies will be wormed every two weeks from now on.  Molly was wormed … Continue reading

17 days old and another milestone reached!

Our wonderful puppies – otherwise known as pudding pups are doing so well. A developmental milestone has been reached, today bought us the joy of them starting to learn how to play.  I was so lucky that I was filming … Continue reading

Puppy Progress!

The puppies are meeting their milestones, we have had a couple of moments of puppy play activity  (only very small but there nonetheless).  They are all able to urinate without the aid of Molly stimulating them. We have had funny … Continue reading

Night time feed!

Just a quick post with a video of the toddlers  watch how they wake up when they realise Molly has settled down to feed a puppy!  This was taken on the 24th March when they were 13 days old.  Bless … Continue reading

Puppies at 13 days

All of the puppies eyes are either open or still opening which is just fabulous.  Until you get to see it first hand for yourself, It is so hard for me to describe just how wonderful this is.  I do … Continue reading

Pitter Patter – One by One

Here is a little video of them, almost in birth order! Pitter Patter – one by one!

11 Days old – we have reached “Toddlerdom”

The little ones are all tottering about the whelping box on their unsteady little padded paws!  So very cute to watch them taking their tentative steps.   They do look a little drunk and when they topple over, they do a … Continue reading

We are about to hit TWO milestones!!!!

Today the pups are 10 days old.  The puppies eyes are starting to open in a few of the puppies.  The eyeliner look in the yellow is becoming more “towie” shall we say!  The pink collared black girl, her eyes … Continue reading

Puppies at 8 days

I have added some more photos of the puppies to the gallery. When taking photos of the puppies I have noticed how they like to stay close together in puppy piles and this is normal for all litters.  With this … Continue reading