Monthly Archives: June 2015

Maggie at 7 weeks

With the help of my trusted puppy assistant here is the long awaited pregnant at 7 weeks photo.  Maggie is doing so well, we can feel the puppies moving so easily now, this evening I could see the puppies moving … Continue reading

Maggiemoo at 6weeks 2days

Here is a picture of Maggie, she is blossoming bless her – I think she is finding it very strange with so much activity going on in her tummy.  We have now increased her meals to three a day. She … Continue reading

Maggie and her unborn pups at 6 weeks

Maggie is blooming, a truly sweet girl loving to have extra cuddles, I imagine her tummy does feel rather weird to her! Just look at her tummy!! As a precaution I have had Maggie scanned today and to see the difference … Continue reading

Preparations in progress

We do have lots of toys already, but part of the fun in having pups is buying lots of cute toys! I expect I will be getting a couple more before long!

Maggie and how her puppies are developing

My last update Maggie was five week pregnant when the embryos were approximately 35mm long,  the eyelids and ear flaps would have formed. The above photograph was taken when she was 5wks and 1 day! As Maggie is getting bigger, … Continue reading

Maggie at 5 weeks pregnant

Maggie has a nice tummy developing – it is hard to show how big she has got as she seems flatter in the photo! Maggie with her Mum Molly – soon to be Grandma!  Maggie is preferring to lay flat – cant … Continue reading

Maggie is approaching 5 weeks pregnant

Maggie is doing really well.  Blossoming!  We will continue to walk her until she feels she doesn’t want a walk.  It is important that the bitch remains as fit as possible for her to get through the labour as easily as possible.  … Continue reading

Maggie is going to be a MUMMY!

So excited to be updating the website with news of puppies! We will be expecting the arrival of our Maggie/Ralphie puppies for roughly 14th July. In the scan photo there are 3 puppies – she certainly looks full of puppies … Continue reading

Maggie is keeping us guessing…..

Everyday I ask Maggie if she has puppies in her tummy and everyday I wonder what the true answer is! Maggie is enjoying lots of extra cuddles and is having folic acid added to her diet. Here is a photograph … Continue reading