Our routine is getting there!

The puppies are doing really well with their weaning.  They are now on three meals a day.  I am combining their tinned Royal Canin with soaked kibble (also Royal Canin).  This is then put into the blender and made into a nice porridge.  They are managing a thicker consistency than the tinned (which is very smooth!).  I do hope to be giving the puppies four meals a day from today onwards.

Melvin likes to pop in and check his puppies as much as possible.

We are now achieving a proper routine with the puppies and the toilet training.  It is more  about us getting into the swing of getting them out regularly and now that the weather is on our side it is helping hugely.  We are getting quite a few of the puppies having a poo outside and a vast majority of weed are also outside.  Still very very early days – but good habits will be being formed from such an early age so we can only hope we are on to good things!

Uncle Melvin inspecting the babies!DSC_0153 DSC_0155 DSC_0160

two scheming puppies – what are they up to ?!!DSC_0164

I have updated the puppy gallery and also added a gallery of the photos from the Marchstone Reunion.  You will see this gallery also includes some videos from the day.

Here are some videos of the littluns:- (7)

Puppy Play Antics

Puppy Play Antics Take Two

Puppy Play Antics Take Three

Puppy Boxing (play)

Puppies just after their breakfast

Puppy play mainly featuring a slightly excitable Miss Pink (black girl)

From inside the pot

I have also written an article on my thoughts on vaccinations.