Monthly Archives: August 2015

7 Weeks old

We have had a very busy few days, lots of visitors! The puppies are becoming very bold and playful – it is a joy to watch them! I have now taken all the puppies for a little trip around the … Continue reading

Puppies are getting faster!

As the days are flying by the puppies are definitely gathering pace! I have taken three of the puppies around the block so they can experience the big wide world in the safety of the arms of someone they know … Continue reading

My amazing puppies

Mr Blue Mr Blue   Mr Red   Miss Pink Mr Orange Mr Yellow Mr Purple  Mr Purple We are having a lovely time with the puppies.  They are always playful after they have had their feed, they will play … Continue reading

Six Weeks Old – time is going too quickly!

My beautiful puppies, they are coming on so well.  I love them all.  They are all very special! Here is my favourite photo of the day…. Mr Purple – has asked to go out for a wee!!!!! YAY!!! Humphrey!  What … Continue reading

Puppy play in the evening!

We are now at the stage with the toilet training and the puppy’s development to have playtime “freetime” in the lounge.  It is madness but wonderful to see them playing together on the carpet. The toilet training is going well … Continue reading

Another wet weather day

The puppies have done amazingly well with their toilet training – given the weather has been horrendous. Here are a couple of videos from yesterday… Dental check ~ (we like to be thorough at Marchstone!) Garden Fun Melvin with his niece … Continue reading

Puppy antics versus a mothers love

Have had a super day with the puppies.  It started with a clean pen.  Followed by antics in the garden! As this is my second post of the day – I thought I would post a couple of short video clips demonstrating things from … Continue reading

Beautiful Sunny day for my puppies

The puppies are very much enjoying having the garden to play in.  They are into everything and charging around.  I have had to resort to developing a new style of walk to ensure that I do not risk stepping on … Continue reading

Short update!

Im having a few computer issues… so it is has been hard to get photos loaded. I have managed to add some photos to the gallery. The puppies have gone up  gear and it has gone “menthol”  they are super … Continue reading

Time is flying by

My puppies are doing so very well that they are going to totally break my heart when they leave – so I can only stress the importance of keeping in touch with me (whichever method you prefer – email/phone/text/posting of photos … Continue reading