Monthly Archives: February 2012

Scan will be 1st March BUT Molly is injured…

We are enormously worried about our beautiful Molly.  Molly has injured her paw, obviously the complication for her is in how to treat her in view of her unborn puppies.    She is on complete rest, sporting a dressing and on painkillers.  … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Molly – 5yrs today

My dear sweet girl, Molly is five years old today.  I have treated her to some pigs ears (which she very kindly shared with the other woofs!)  We had a lovely walk with the gang at Jennycliffe.  Molly loves nothing … Continue reading

Five Labradors sitting on the beach at Wembury!

Had a fabulous time with my labbies on the beach.  Look at my journal for photos!

How to keep informed of updates…

I have had a new feature added to my website – which will enable you to be informed of any updates within the pup’s diary so you dont need to miss anything!  Although it says “subscribe” it doesnt cost you … Continue reading

Awaiting Confirmation of whether Molly is in Pup

Molly has been mated with Bertie, we now have to wait to see if we will be lucky enough to have pups!   I hope to confirm this with a scan between 28 and 35 days.  Molly is at the very … Continue reading