Monthly Archives: August 2012

Meet Smokey

We have a new furry four legged friend who we like to help look after! The dogs have all enjoyed meeting Smokey!  Not in the slightest phased by the size of him.  They all took it in their stride that … Continue reading

Its official!!! Melvin is now on the Blood Donor Register

so now all we have to do is wait and see if Melvin is needed!  It is always nice to try and give something back to someone in need.

Dogs shows and Training Sessions

Katherine and Charlie have been to a dog show, they got two firsts and a second.  Firsts for child handling and also for best condition and the second for best veteran.  Well done to Katherine and Charlie, I am very … Continue reading

Marchstone Labradors…..doing what they do best at the end of a busy day….

Whilst the young ones play with a ball, Molly and Charlie relax! (though it is unusual to see Molly laying on the floor!!!).  

Busy few days at Marchstone

Today Melvin had his vaccination done, I got him weighed and finally he was allowed to be part of the blood donor scheme as he is now 25kg! So Melvin had his blood test which will enable us to see … Continue reading