Monthly Archives: May 2013

Maggies first trip to the beach!

We took the gang to Bovisand beach!  They had a great time and Maggie LOVED it!  She went into the sea and also did a little bit of digging. We had a lovely time watching the dogs playing together.  Im … Continue reading

Dont forget worming day for the puppies!

Today is worming day for all of the puppies (although Maverick is a few days later due to rehoming day!)  Hope it goes smoothly for all of the puppies – Im sure it will as they are growing into bigger … Continue reading

Maggies first day out off the lead!

Maggie has had an absolute hoolie out on her walk today!  She wasn’t at all scared she was off investigating straightaway!  Maggie went bananas racing about.  She has spent quite a bit of time in her bed as a result. … Continue reading

The last puppy left the nest yesterday

Well we now have just the one puppy, Maggie, as Poppy went to her new home yesterday. Im really pleased to have had reports that Poppy has settled into the new home with 100% ease.  She slept all night with … Continue reading

Almost over……

Well here we are, the last evening of having two puppies.  The puppies are 9 weeks and 2 days old.  Very confident and full of themselves charging about the living room. The toys all looking a little bit worn around … Continue reading

Maggie and Poppy are becoming very efficient in a varierty of careers!

My wonderful puppies are an endless source of entertainment as well as continuous exercise – who needs a gym eh?! As previously mentioned they are getting very good at gardening, but now they seem to be excelling themselves with paperwork … Continue reading

Another fun filled day at Marchstone!

We have had a busy day with the pups.  They are learning how to do the gardening (decided some of the lawn needed removing!)  also learning how to prune plants. They have had plenty of time in the garden playing with … Continue reading


What a beautiful girl my Maggie is!

Homing day for Maverick

I hadn’t spotted this until I loaded the photos onto the computer.  Katherine had put on the right hand side….”don’t go Maverick!” Maverick has now just left to start his new life with my friends Sam, Steve and Thomas.  He … Continue reading

Molly is enjoying her puppies

Molly loves playing with her puppies, something that is always a bit tricky for her when they are all trying to suckle from her.  Once she gets the nack of getting them to leave her alone she does like to … Continue reading