Training Tips with Katherine!

Katherine has been working hard at making the dogs stay before releasing them for the reward – in retrieving the ball.

Noting – the correction.  When Melvin moves out of position he is PUT BACK into position.  This is so important with any training that if they are not doing what you ask, put them where they are supposed to be!  Patience is important.


Katherine has also been achieving the 1 in 5 recall.  noting how patient and firm she is.  Immediate correction when required and only rewarding the dogs at the end.

Katherine 1 in 5 recall

With slight variation to the 1 in 5 – lining up behind each other creating more distraction for the dogs, which means they have to remain MORE focussed.  Noting Katherine is incredibly patient with Archie and put him back in his position WHILST still keeping the other four in place.  Composure intact.  WELL DONE KATHERINE!  This video demonstrating the importance of patience and correction.  It could easily have fallen apart but they got there!!

All the dogs are focussed on Katherine.  Watching her every move.  As with every training session they should be kept short and fun!

(October 2012)

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