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Molly at 7 Weeks and her unborn puppies!

I cant believe we are at 7 weeks already!!  I will be putting together the whelping box at the weekend and sterilising all the equipment ready for the big day. Molly is doing fabulously. She still wants to be able … Continue reading

YAY!!!!!!! We could feel the puppies wiggling around!

Last night Katherine felt one of the puppies moving about!  It is always exciting to feel the puppies!! It wont be long until we can hear little heartbeats using a stethoscope!!! I cant wait.  We are giving Molly lots of cuddles and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Molly – 6 years old today!

Our lovely Molly has had a special walk at Wembury point today. Here is a picture of the birthday girl with her boys! Here is a picture of the gang:

Molly at 46 days Pregnant and update on the development of the unborn pups.

Molly is now 46 days pregnant – just over 6 weeks!!! Which means…..more importantly…. we now have less than three weeks to go!!!!  I am now weaning Molly on to Puppy food so that she has a higher value nutrition food.  … Continue reading

Molly at almost 6 weeks pregnant

Molly is doing very well.  Getting lots of attention! Here are some photos of her growing tummy!  

Update on Molly at 39 days

Molly is now 39 days pregnant and doing amazingly well.  She is getting a little extra hungry now so I have upped her food a little bit.  It is important to not increase quantities too quickly.  Otherwise we will just … Continue reading

Molly at 35 days pregnant.

Our lovely Molly is doing really well and enjoying lots of cuddles!  She is so affectionate at the moment that she is doing the classic “Molly tilt” so much, that she is falling over very easily (we are catching her … Continue reading

The development of the unborn puppies up to four weeks

Over the last few weeks, the development of the unborn puppies have gone through some amazing stages. In the first three weeks the cells are developing, dividing and the placenta starts to form.  The placenta plays such a vital role in the … Continue reading

Molly at just gone 4 weeks pregnant

Molly is in fine form, still enjoying walks, which she will continue to enjoy right up until when she has puppies.  however we do slow her down towards the end (otherwise she generally maintains the same level of fitness!)  Being … Continue reading

Molly is in Pup!

Im very excited to confirm that Molly is in Pup.  Please keep dipping into the diary for updates to see Molly developing and obviously news of the pups!  Click on the RSS feed (on the right…scroll down!) this will alert … Continue reading