Monthly Archives: March 2012

Molly at 57 days pregnant.

Molly is now 57 days pregnant.  Her tummy feels very full indeed.  When she is laying down, the sides of her tummy are very weighty!  Molly is very happy and content, though probably very fed up with her splint.  We … Continue reading

Video Clip of Molly’s Tummy!

Molly is now 53 days pregnant.  For a couple of days I have been able to see the movements of her tummy from the other side of the living room!  Here is a small clip of Molly’s tummy – you can see … Continue reading

We can feel the puppies the moving!

Molly is almost seven weeks pregnant.  Today we felt the puppies moving – which is always very exciting.  Last night, using a stethoscope I could hear some of the puppies heartbeats.  The heartbeat is very fast! Molly is doing very … Continue reading

Molly at 44 days pregnant

Molly had her dressing looked at by the vet on Thursday and he is happy to leave it on until next Friday when he says he will change it.  This will be the half way mark.  The dressing has to … Continue reading

Molly is now 6 weeks pregnant

Molly is doing very well, a happy dog despite her splint.  She is due to have a dressing change tomorrow.  I have been keeping an eye on the dressing as it is important to monitor it.  I check the dressing … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Molly and Booza’s Puppy’s!

Happy Birthday Pups!  I cant believe this time last year we were all recovering from what was a very long night indeed!  The safe arrival of 8 puppies gave us all enormous joy for the eight weeks the pups stayed … Continue reading

Development of the unborn pups at 5 weeks

Molly is over halfway through her pregnancy.  At five weeks the puppies have now almost doubled in size in only a week from 20mm (at 4 weeks) to 35mm. The ear flap is developing and the eye lids can now … Continue reading

Molly at 33 days pregnant

Here is a picture of our little Molly girl with her splint.  The splint is due to be re-dressed on Wednesday when she will be five weeks pregnant.  So we have a little over four weeks until our puppies arrive. … Continue reading

Results of Xray for Molly

Our poor Molly has a fractured metatarsal.  She is now wearing a splint.  This will have to stay on for approximately 6 weeks.  The vet hopes to give her a try without the splint at 5 weeks when the pups are … Continue reading

Molly is pregnant!

Im delighted to be posting, our sweet girl is in pup!  The scan was done today at four weeks plus 1 day.  Hopefully we will have the pitter patter of healthy paddy paws in five weeks time. Molly is still very lame … Continue reading