Wounds and Bandages

  • Bathe cut in salt water.  (one teaspoon of salt to one pint of  boiling water, leave in fridge to cool).   Bathe daily if no dressing at all!  I find aloe vera gel is very good for wound healing.  Apply this daily until the wound has healed, you should see healing taking place if you do not see any healing (an edge of nice pink skin to the wound then you may need to seek the advice of a vet)
  • Some wounds are better without dressings applied.  It is important that wounds heal from the outside in.  If a wound heals too quickly and forms a scab over a wound without proper healing then this could cause an abscess.
  • Before applying a bandage it is important to dry the paw. Puff wound care powder over the wound.
  • Put strips of cotton wool between toes and over stopper pads, not forgetting the dew claw, this  PREVENTS RUBBING
  • Place an extra wodge of cotton wool over entire paw Or use some soffban
  • Using white conforming bandage, layer the bandage over the paw and then twist to do a figure of eight bandage (to tuck in the ends) then wind the bandage up over the joint.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the vet wrap bandage (outer bandage – stiffer)
  • Secure the bandage with elastoplast to anchor the bandage on.

Protect the bandage when outside using a boot or drip bag or carrier bag secured with layers of parcel tape.  I tend to change dressings daily so I can see how a wound is healing.  If something is covered up then you are not able to tell straightaway if there is a problem.

The bandage MUST be removed if:

If the Bandage has an odour
If you feel excessive heat around the top of the bandage or showing obvious signs of discomfort.

If the bandage has to be removed for a period of time, before a new bandage is replaced make sure you put on a BUSTER COLLAR!

To help assist you knowing how to put on a dressing, here are two video clips.  Applying a Dressing (using cotton wool) , Applying a Dressing (using soffban).

If in doubt always consult your vet for further advice.

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