K9 Help

To try and keep in mind dogs which are not as lucky as mine I support the local dogs home with donations of dog food.   I support them in whatever way I can.

My website is about encouraging good ownership so the relationship between owner and dog is strong.  So the owner enjoys having a dog just as much as we do.    Responsibilities towards dog ownership is not to be taken lightly.  However, I know that events happen in life which dictate a change in circumstances.

If dogs are in need of homes I would urge that they are not left abandoned on the street but to phone up local charities to see if they can help.  Situations do change and people should never feel they cannot ask for help, advice should be sought if a dog has behavioural issue as they can be addressed and resolved with the right support.  Dogs shouldnt be seen as disposable but something to love and cherish having as part of the family.  If you have a dog with the plan it could go in a dogs home if things dont work out, then *maybe* you shouldnt have a dog.  However, knowing things can still go wrong with the most responsible of people then below are links that may be of help.  Please dont forget these charities need support too.

Gables Dogs Home


Cinnamon Trust

Oldies Club for dogs in need of a second chance – can you help? a supporting website of oldies – for useful articles : Healthy Happy Oldies

In my line of work I am always being asked to help with homing a dog.  I will continue to help but please note I am not in the position of housing dogs.  Any case bought to my attention will be assessed as to how I can help, based on individual circumstances.

Lost and Found Section

If you have lost your dog in the plymstock area and would like me to post a picture here, then I would be happy to try and broaden the search for you.  It helps if you leave details with ALL the vets in the area, the dog warden and put up a poster in the pet shop!  Phone up your local dogs home. Good luck with your search.


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