Monthly Archives: February 2011

Happy Birthday Molly – 4 Today!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Molly.   What a difference a week makes, the picture below is Molly at almost 7 weeks! Development at 7 weeks the puppies will now have hair, the colouring will now be showing and the … Continue reading

Isn’t Mother Nature a wonderful thing?

Tonight Katherine and I could feel tiny little flutters  on Molly’s growing tummy, as the puppies moved around.  Then at one point we both could feel a very strong kick.  It is so exciting to feel the little movements.  Initially feeling … Continue reading

a small update at 46 days!

Molly has now resigned herself to sleeping on the floor stretched out!  Bless her.  No more sofa surfing for her until after the puppies! Today, being an anxious granny… I decided I would check Molly’s urine sample.  All is fine!  … Continue reading

Molly at 6 weeks pregnant,

Molly is now 6 weeks pregnant so only approximately 3 weeks to go!  She has lost her waistline entirely and looking lovely and plump on her tummy.  Being such a slender dog anyway it is hard to get the real … Continue reading

Preparations in progress!

I have spent the weekend getting together all the things needed for our expected new arrivals. The whelping box has come out to be checked over and cleaned.   I have spent much of today making new little foam collars of assorted … Continue reading

Molly at 5 weeks pregnant

Molly is doing really well.  I have taken a picture of her so I can monitor her progress. When she is laying down her tummy does look like she has eaten a sunday roast!

The Proud Mummy to be!!

Molly is starting to look a little bit pregnant now with a slightly bulging tummy.  I will (at some point soon) get a better picture to show she is losing some definition of her waistline.  Molly is giving us the … Continue reading

Molly has had her scan today!

I am very pleased to be making my first diary entry with some wonderful news.  Molly has been keeping us guessing, keeping her little secret.  Her stomach had felt slightly more thickened than usual and her teats were slightly enlarged.  Her … Continue reading