Puppy Milestones

(0-8 Weeks)

Little Ruby asleep during her weighing!

I have compiled a list of milestones to watch out for in our litter.

Watching our puppies develop is an amazing experience.  From seeing their eyes open for the first time to watching them take their first faltering steps.  Like a proud parent it is lovely to observe those steps, as they totter about in the whelping box (with padded landings!).

Development of Puppy Skills

Shivering Reflex (6-8 days old)

The eyes open and can see (10 -15 days old)

The ears open and can hear (13 – 17 days old)

Walk and Run (14 – 28 days old)

Barking (14 -20 days old)

Early play movement (15 – 21 days old)

Stand upright (steadily, without falling over) (18 – 21 days old)

Urinate & Defeacate without stimulation from the mother (15 -21 days old)

Balance for passing urine and bowel movement (18 – 21 days old)

Deciduous Teeth (24 – 27 days old)

Body twitching in sleep (0 – 28 days old)

Eating from a dish, weaning (25 – 28 days old)

Play with other pups (28 days old)

Muscle Tone (28 days old)

Ability to focus like an adult dog (35 days old)

Hearing Acute (35 days old)

Plays with toys (40 days old)

Plays constructively with litter (40 – 48 days old)

Learning mouth and paw skills, body control (40-48 days old)

Toilet training can commence from 3 weeks, but is perfected between 4-6 months.

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