Five Weeks Old Today!

My little bundles of pups are enjoying life, having fun in the garden.  They are yet to meet that rabbits, despite the rabbits having the run of the garden.

Today was worming day – so I end up with a pink hand as always – the puppy wormer suspension is a bright pink, the puppies don’t like the stuff so consequently it does get everywhere and stains my hand in the process.  It is all part of the worming schedule to be wormed 3wks, 5wks, 7wks, 11wks, then monthly.

As part of the worming regime, as a precaution, I also wormed Maggie today, to ensure that the worms do not get passed through Maggie’s milk.  Maggie is always wormed just before she gets mated.

Poor Maggie is very skinny.  It is the worst I have seen her.  I am doing the best I can for her, with five meals a day of puppy kibble, scrambled egg, cheese and a variety of supplements.  Maggie will start regaining weight once she stops feeding the puppies but she is still very keen to continue feeding them at the moment.  Usually as part of my Whelping Kit, I have three tubes of nutri-plus gel, this time around I had four.  I used all four so ordered more in, Maggie is now on her fifth tube of nutri-plus gel.  I do believe it helps as it reduces the impact of food on her stomach but still gives her the nutrition she needs.

Apologies – I am unable to change the setting on these photos!  (please tilt your head to the left to view!)

Mr BlueDSC_0732

Miss PinkDSC_0736

Mr PurpleDSC_0735

Mr RedDSC_0737

Miss LilacDSC_0731

Miss YellowDSC_0738


Brotherly/Sisterly Love!

DSC_0728 awwwww these two do seem to be inseparable! bless them…. though in contrast to the photo above…. there does also seem to be a classic bit of “bonding” going on in this photo…


Todays fun and games – in video clips

“Puppies” learning a recall

Puppies playing, ooh look here comes mum

Puppy playtime

Puppies in the garden

The puppies photo gallery has been updated.

In other news….. I have had to make a phonecall to “Miss Marple” more on this tomorrow.