30th June 2009

The resident clown of our gang of dogs.  Stanley is our youngest and cheekiest lab by far.  Full of energy and loves to have a hoolie with any dog who cares to chase him!  At home Stanley has to have his creature comforts and very rarely will he be seen sleeping on the floor!  I could watch Stanley clowning around for hours, when he is settling down in the evening he makes an array of noises as he gets himself just right on his bed.  Rather craftily he waits for his master to fall asleep.  Bingo, he sneaks up into the bedcovers.  Having Stanley has been the best experience, a very easy puppy to train even if he is cheeky.  He will do quite literally anything for food, so using this to our advantage he will do little tricks for you.  Stanley is from Molly and Archie’s litter.  So having him from day one has made his and our life very easy as he has not had the disruption of leaving his first home to go to his new owners.
Stanley is neutered.

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