1st September 2003 – 27th June 2017

Charlie is our first Labrador, giving us the taster of what Labradors are all about.  He is a steady loyal dog but with some clownish ways.  (if he thinks he can get away with naughtiness he will!).  Charlie has been assessed to be a Pets as Therapy Dog, visiting nursing homes Charlie has helped bring a smile to residents faces so long as he was thanked with a cheeky biscuit of course!  I am very proud of his work as a PAT dog.

Charlie is such a gentle and predictable dog he has been handled at a dog show by my friends 6 year old little boy.  We had no concerns at all, knowing he would behave himself, he walked beautifully to heel, without even a backward glance!  When describing a Labrador I always think are they a foodie or driven by toys?  Charlie is most definitely a foodie!!
Charlie is neutered

Run free at the bridge with Maxie Moo, my dear Charlie bear xx

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