Our Angel Pawprints


1st September 2003 – 27th June 2017




Our dear boy Charlie left us for Rainbow Bridge on 27th June 2017.  He will always be a special boy whom we will hold dear in our hearts.  Charlie was the reason Dave and I got together, I first met Dave when he was walking through the field with Charlie as a 11 week old puppy.  I often used to bump into Dave with Charlie when I was walking Max.  After we were married, I decided we needed to have a dog that was ours.  I had wanted a cocker spaniel, but Dave wanted a labrador.  So we got Molly.  The rest is history, as Charlie was the reason we fell in love with Labradors.  We had no idea that Marchstone Labradors would have been founded as a result of this wonderful boy.  Loyal through to the end, Charlie was a true gentleman.  Never a cross word for any dog.  So much so, Charlie never even told the puppies off when they were annoying him.

Charlie was such a sweet and gentle boy.  Never leaving the house without a bow tie he always looked dapper.

Tilly, our youngster, adored Charlie and would lay on top of him.  On the day he passed away Tilly gave him kisses before going to the vets.  In the photo above he had been showing Tilly how to pick blackberries, a Marchstone Labrador tradition which he has passed on to all of our dogs.

Charlie had a scrape with his health 4 years ago which we didn’t think he would survive from as he had a foreign body stuck in his small intestine.  Thanks to effective surgery we had an extra four years.  As his age caught up with him, his legs were becoming very wobbly but in body and mind he was fine.  It has broken my heart making the decision to let Charlie go, but I do know he will be having a nice time with Max again.

Sleep tight dear boy, we will miss you so much.  Give Max a hug from me, barely a day goes by when I don’t think of Max, but now I can think of you both together again.

Love always, feeling heartbroken,

Mum x


27th May 2000 – 24th December 2009

My first dog.  Max was a dog who enjoyed his walks the most.  He loved to go seek an imaginary mouse, pouncing like a gazelle through the undergrowth “whats that” or run circuits “round you go”.  He loved going on the beach he knew he would get to go “splish splash” and “dig dig dig.”.  Max had an amazing character and was incredibly intelligent.  A total joy to take out on a walk.

Max will always hold a special place in my heart as he saw me through so much in his lifetime.  When my daughter was born he helped her at bath times, making it fun we blew bubbles at him for him to catch.  At bedtime Max knew he had the job of being there for our little girl laying by her cot so she could see him.  Her first word was “Dats” for Max.

When my beloved brother died it was Max who knew how many tears I shed, as I walked endlessly around the field wondering why life was so cruel?  If it hadn’t of been for Max I don’t think I would have made it out the front door.  His coat quite often would be sodden from my tears.  He knew the pain I was in and he took it all without question.

Bless you Max, my ‘”slightly” neurotic Stripey Boy.  I wouldn’t have wanted you any other way.

Have fun at the bridge sweet boy and “ROUND YOU GO” pain free now.

Love Mum x


To my childhood dogs…

Kerry aged 10, Lyn aged 13 and Sheena aged 17.  All of which were Border Collies.  Special little girls all played a big part in my love of animals.  Helping me choose the path I have taken in life.

One day I will see you all again xx

Kerry                                    Lyn and Sheena                                        Sheena

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