Ethylene Glycol – Antifreeze.

This substance is POISONOUS.

Ingestion of water drained from car radiators or the liquid from de-icer sprays.  Dogs are very likely to drink the fluid as it is sweet tasting.  The fluid is bright green so hopefully would be distinguishable if in a puddle or sitting on the driveway (if having leaked from the radiator).


Your dog may appear drunk and inco-ordinate within 30 mins of ingestion.  A dog will drink more, possibly vomit and seem depressed, with increased urination.  The animal will improve after a few days but then can develop mouth ulcers, diarrhoea, rapid breathing and also seizure. 

Typical symptoms are Inco-ordination, depression and rapid breathing.  Later animal may become uraemic.  (Uraemia – is chronic kidney failure, polydipsia (increased thirst) and weight loss, culminating In vomiting, anorexia, lethargy then convulsions.  The breath may smell of urine.  Euthanasia is usually necessary at the time of diagnosis of Uraemia).


Ethanol is the antidote by intravenous injection.
Please use caution when using the products and more importantly make sure it is stored out of your dogs reach!  As the saying goes PREVENTION is better than CURE!

If in doubt always consult your vet for further advice.  If you suspect this is the cause of your dogs illness you MUST seek treatment immediately.

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