Monthly Archives: April 2012

Nearly four weeks old

We are having fun and games with the pups playing in the living room and the kitchen.  Melvin adores his little brothers and sister – It is really cute to see this leggy yellow dog being loving towards the pups! … Continue reading

Pups at three and a half weeks!

We have officially started the toilet training.  From the age of three and a half weeks we have been putting them in the garden – after each meal and every time they wake up.  So far we havent had any … Continue reading

Three Weeks Old Today

Today we have had a lovely experience with the puppies today as we they have spent time playing in the garden.    The feel of the grass did have them squeeking for a bit but after a couple of minutes they were … Continue reading

Pups playing at 19 days!

I have added a few photos into the gallery. Here is a favourite of mine I also have a lovely little video clip of them playing. Regarding milestones – they are already making little woof noises, one of them already … Continue reading

my little woofs….help !!!! I have fallen in love with the puppies…couldnt help it…

agghh… This will be so hard in 6 weeks time!..This is the downside of having my gorgeous puppies – I love them so much already… It would take someone with a heart of stone to not fall in love with these … Continue reading

Pups at 16 days old

Just a couple of clips for you Mummy kisses 16 days old – sweet little ones! They are just lovely and squidgey – great for “wasting time” by simply watching them! A beautiful photo of my lovely puppy assistant with two … Continue reading

My Wonderful Pups & Molly

Today my little gorgeous pups have been tottering about and are becoming more and more steady on their pins.  Tonight we witnessed something magical….the pups were all making tentative play movements.  This is all part of them reaching their developmental stages.  I just … Continue reading

an update on the kids!

The little ones are very clever at catching my heart….agh I think there may well be tears when they leave for their new homes in a mere 6 weeks time. A video clip of the kids! A couple of photos … Continue reading

Two weeks old

Like any proud parent we always like to show off our littluns achievements – no matter how big or small! Here are two videos, the first is of Blue walking, the second is of red and blue walking, then the last … Continue reading

Puppies are on target with their milestones!

I am happy to report they are all tottering about with learning to walk, they are still very wobbily though (very cute). Their eyes are opened and their ear flaps are almost open.  The ears are born closed and slowly … Continue reading