Primarily. Keep your dog quiet, calm and reassure him/her.

Try not to leave him/her on his own when the first signs show, because they are disorientated they can hurt themselves by knocking into things.


1) Need to keep the dogs head above their heart – for helping improve blood circulation.

2) Give the dog a couple of drops of rescue remedy and one drop of CBD oil.

3a) It is important to treat initially with pain relief as they do experience pain during the onset of a stroke. If you have metacam then give a dose but keep in mind when the last dose had been administered. (depending on time of day – you can not double up).

3b) If you cannot give metacam give Green Lipped Mussel powder.  Both of these are anti-inflammatory.

3c) You can give half a paracetamol depending on the size of your dog. (I give half a paracetamol to Molly when she was 25kg).    Ask your vet for the dosage for your dog.

**Do NOT give ibuprofen**  This will prove fatal.

4) Give one drop of Rescue Remedy and one drop of CBD oil. (this can be repeated in an hour).

5) Homeopathic Remedies – give every fifteen minutes for the first hour.

Aconite– dramatically helps reduce the symptoms of stroke – during and after. can be used after a stroke to help lessen the trauma symptoms of a stroke, which often include panic, fright and shock

Arnica– pain
Nux Vomica– First symptoms of stroke.

Gelsemium– weakness/fever/droopy eyes/double vision, helps numbness and trembling.

Bayrta– cardiac irritability,. Helps prevent aneurysm -an excessive localized swelling of the wall of an artery. Physically and mentally weak. It can help strengthen the body and mind following a stroke

then give hourly whilst the dog is suffering symptoms: to treat for pain, vision, shock, continue for 4 days as required.

Other homeopathic remedies to consider:-

Secale – Sense of internal heat/fever. BUT increases blood pressure ??

Cocculus (only if sick)

Byronia – headaches, thirsty

6) Give one dose of Turmeric (with food) or a turmeric treat ball.

7) Offer water throughout. Syringe some water in her mouth as required.

other homeopathic remedies not yet purchased.

Kali Carb– not with fever. For Pain

Belladonna for staring eyes.

Aurum muriaticum 30c can help ease high blood pressure due to disturbed function of the nervous system
Serrapeptase – something to consider possibly.. thins blood clots. Must be taken on an empty stomach.

Dogs who have had a stroke will be experiencing pain and disorientation.  It is important to give them pain relief.  If you are not sure about what to give then always seek a vet for advice.

A stroke can have an impact on how they move their head and what they can see.  It is difficult for the brain to give the right signals in where the bowl is.  So it is important to help them with this.

The dog may feel sick, you can help with this by giving ginger biscuits!  (not in excessive amounts but half a biscuit a few times a day should help!).

Please note my advice does not take the place of that of a vets advice.


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