Monthly Archives: September 2011

One of our pups has been to visit !

What a lovely afternoon I have had in seeing one of Molly’s pups, Melvin’s sister “Amber”  Amber has developed into a beautiful looking dog, her body shape is just right and her behaviour is outstanding.  She came into the house … Continue reading

Stay means stay!

I am spending alot of time ensuring my dogs are doing what I ask of them and giving them positive reinforcement if they dont do quite what I ask, then I start again by putting them back to the very … Continue reading

The Dog Whisperer!

I may have said it before but Dave certainly has a way with dogs.  Hardly having to ask them to do anything he can  get them all sitting and staying.   Here he is in action! Here is a close up … Continue reading

The pups are now 6 months old!

Happy “half” birthday pupsters!  I hope you are all being good to your owners!  Melvin is gorgeous and probably the best behaved puppy we have had! (shhh… dont tell Stanley as we think Melvin seems a bit more advanced than … Continue reading

The dogs go to school!

Today I felt so very proud of my dogs.  I had collected Katherine from school and was walking out of the school grounds to see a sight that is familiar to me but not at the school grounds.  My five … Continue reading

Coming of age?!

Well the puppies are days away from becoming 6 months of age.  I have been receiving reports from some of my buyers giving me my much needed updates about my extended family!  All the puppies are doing well and are … Continue reading