Homing day is fast approaching

We have had a really busy time at Marchstone.

The puppies were wormed at the weekend and unfortunately had quite a reaction to it. I had used the same wormer as the product I used at 5 weeks old. So since Saturday’s worming the puppies had quite soft poos from the Sunday onwards. This hasnt entirely cleared up but at least heading in the right direction. We then had vomiting puppies which can be very dangerous when they are so small as they can become dehydrated very quickly.. You have to act fast so off to the vets we went! Two of the puppies required an anti emetic injection which settled things down for them. Fingers crossed we are getting there as dealing with pups and upset tummies is hard work (worrying emotionally and obviously keeping them clean too) add to the mix a heatwave and keeping them cool, whilst not exposed to the heat has been an extra complication to give much more consideration to. The patio had to be covered with vetbed and towels to ensure we didnt burn there little paws!

On the upside, the puppies are in fact asking to go outside! So we are experiencing fewer accidents. whoop whoop!

The puppies are starting to get better poos now so hopefully we are on the up. Today is vaccination day so wish me luck as I am taking them on my own! EEEP!

The pups have upped a gear so more barricades have been erected (Im already having to clamber over the fence to get into the garden pen!).

I have started to take the pups on trips around the block whereby I carry them, to show them the big wide world! All pups have had one trip around.. I like to try and do it twice if I can! This gives them the experience that there is more to life than our garden in the security of my arms!

I have updated the puppy photo gallery!

the photos of the puppies that have just been uploaded there are a couple of Miss Pink without her collar but mainly she has her collar on! (It happens sometimes… they are safety release collars)

Ringlight with the puppies
Oh Miss Red you are a sweetie
Crazy puppies – playtime
You cant touch this (SO JUMP!) this is so incredibly cute!
Bouncy puppies
Puppy playtime Puppy play Medley
Having their best time
Puppy Play Woof and Tumble