Pups turn 10 weeks old today!

Most of the puppies have gone to their new homes, we have Miss Orange until Sunday, so I am taking her for her vaccination this morning

The second vaccination can only be done at or after they turn 10 weeks old

We have been winning with Miss Oranges toilet training, obviously as they get older it should get easier. However it is still about timing and opportunity. Some people use a timer, so that when the buzzer goes off they put the puppy out. If you put the puppy out and he or she doesn’t wee, then bring them back in and try again in a few minutes. Miss Orange has very simple signals to let us know she wants to go out. She is quiet and looks at the patio door, then walks away. The look lasts for approximately 1 second, every time we have spotted her doing this, we pop her outside and she has so far had a wee outside every time and we are not getting any accidents inside!

Clearly our efforts of starting the toilet training process are paying off! They still have immature bladders so they might have the occassional accident when in their new home as they wont be familiar with the environment quite so much. They are still very young so do need reminding to go out. So make sure you remain patient. Any accidents they have are down to you not giving them the chance. (so dont shout at them or rub their nose in it which is a very old fashioned method that some people would do). I am really pleased with Miss Oranges progress.

Miss Orange would be racing about all over the house if it wasn’t for the stairgate – she could easily make it up the stairs. Being so little with growing bones it is important to make sure she doesnt do stairs.

A few videos:-

More playtime with fishie
Playtime with the light up balls
Just one puppa left
Staying close to mumma
Miss Orange on another trip out (she was in a specialised puppy sling, which she wasnt overly keen on!)
Miss Orange on another excursion!
When you are bought new toys and you dont get a look in
Enrichment toys are so important for puppies (but make sure you dont over stimulate the puppy by giving engaging toys ALL the time!)
Zoomies, Miss Orange and Wilma
Miss Orange and Wilma playtime
Good Morning Miss Orange
Combining playtime with training
Soul Sisters
Wait for the sweet kiss! (my favourite of the videos!)