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Katherine with our dogs at Bovisand Beach

Our history with Labrador Retrievers started in 2004, with Charlie but prior to falling in love with the nations favourite breed we have both had various breeds of dogs over the years. The Labrador seems to have made an imprint on our hearts and are here to stay. Though I will admit the occasional stripey dog may well frequent this household in addition to the laid back Labradors.

My husband was a police dog handler for over twenty years and I was a veterinary nurse for eight years. We both have been around animals all of our lives. We live in Plymstock (in Plymouth) and are incredibly lucky to have a lot of great walks on our doorstep.  We have a sensible approach with our dogs. By meeting their needs they have a happy healthy life from which we enjoy their antics and their unconditional love. As their owner it is our responsibility to ensure they have a good quality diet and lots of good walks, which keep them fit but not only that enables our dogs to be content. They are treated like dogs and most importantly they are allowed to behave like dogs when on a walk.

To us a Labrador is the sort of dog which seems to meet the needs of so many different elements of dog ownership. The versatile nature of this breed makes them ideal for so many people. They are a faithful loving dog, in the home they like nothing better than to find somewhere of comfort to laze around. Preferring a sofa to the floor, even better if they can have a cushion to rest their weary heads upon. They enjoy a proper cuddle but equally “can” sleep on the floor rather than imposing the two second rule on your sofa! In contrast to this lazy lab you see in the house they are such good fun to have out on a walk, you really cannot beat having a Labrador. This is a breed which is more than a loyal friend, they are intelligent, athletic and have a sense of humour, they know how to enjoy themselves. They love nothing more than the opportunity to have a hoolie with other dog pals, play ball or go for a swim. These dogs are agile and my own labs continually amaze me with their abilities. It is on a walk you will see your dog at its best, be it clownish behaviour or their naughtiness in stealing bread from the ducks or just how quick your dog can fly to catch a ball. We both enjoy walking our dogs it is not a chore but something to take delight in.

The labrador is a charming breed, they have a sharp and witty character which makes us believe Life IS more fun with a Lab in it.

At Marchstone we think life is too short to not have at least one Labrador in it!

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Molly looking very comfortable on the sofa!

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