Homing day has arrived!

Wow – 8 weeks have passed so quickly! Some of it in a complete haze for me! However, I have enjoyed these wonderful little puppies. They have been so sweet, endearing and mainly calm. As they have developed they have got faster and way too entertaining!!

We do have some singers, gardeners, home decor designers and fashion gurus amongst us! They are an intelligent little bunch, I couldn’t be happier with how they have turned out and I look forward to learning of their adventures and seeing how they develop in the future.

I have done everything I can to ensure they are well rounded and socialised puppies, the toilet training has gone well but you need to keep it up – it is about opportunity. They haven’t had poos in the house for week (even with upset tummies after they were wormed they asked to go out!!).

To the new puppy owners…. please do not forget me, do not forget how much I have cared for these little guys! As part of my journey with the pups I need to know they are ok in their new homes!

Videos :-

Puppy Pile
Wilma and Tilly with the Tots
Kisses with Mumma
Send Help! Poor Wilma!
Mumma playing with her pups
Miss Pink- Am I the drama?
Miss Purple – the specialist drummer
Puppies with good beginnings have happy futures
Little Monkeys play so hard!
Puppy Bubbles
Miss Orange plays the drums!
Sisters playing in harmony!
This mornings play
Sleepy Puppies