Monthly Archives: April 2011

A Royal Wedding at Marchstone

With our Royal Connections with the Sandringham Labradors we thought it was fitting to have a wedding of our own! Wishing Will and Kate all the best for a very happy future together, From all at Marchstone.

The pup we are keeping – Melvin

Melvin is a smashing little pup and to be honest I am rather fond of all of my puppy’s for different reasons.  The pups are all balanced, full of mischief and are all very intelligent.  Earlier when having a conversation with … Continue reading

7 Weeks Old!

The puppies are full of joy.  Skipping about the garden, the puppies are living life in the moment.  Choosing to play with the rabbit then do a little bit of gardening, before leaping on one of their siblings.  Playing follow … Continue reading

The Rabbit has decided he can play with the puppies!

Over the past few days our Rabbit Comet has decided the puppies are safe to play with. So he is being quite bold with them running up to them and then running off, then he chases after them!!  He can easily … Continue reading

Too young for agility?

Here is a little clip of the pups going through an agility tunnel! 

A very special cuddle

Puppies playtime

this video was taken a couple of days ago… it is finding the time between cuddles and playtime to download the video clips!! Hope you like it! Dave was hoovering at the time – so probably best to have the … Continue reading

Picture Perfect – Easter Puppies!

Managed to snap this picture this morning – I think it is very cute – it is of Sam (yellow collar) and Rosie (Peach Collar). After some playtime the yellow puppies crawled into the basket…

6 weeks old and full of fun

The pups are getting livlier!  They race around the garden so much so that Comet the rabbit is left sitting in their dust!  I was given a basket to put the pups into for creating a sweet photo.  Needless to … Continue reading

Word of Advice to my puppy buyers!!!!

Get yourself SENSIBLE slippers!!!!  If you have silly character BIG slippers you will find you will walk with a puppy attached to your foot.   I rarely wear my slippers but today I put on my slippers (with teddies on!…oops!) and I was set … Continue reading