At Marchstone the dogs come first. Molly was our foundation bitch, she has given us a solid foundation for the dogs we breed  Sadly we had to say goodbye to Molly in January 2021 at almost 14 yrs of age.  Over the years we have had the privilege of seeing the characters of Molly’s puppies develop into fabulous dogs.  We were truly honoured and blessed to have such a special dog as a part of our family.   Molly has given us Stanley a black lab, from her first litter,  Melvin a super special yellow labrador from her second litter and Maggie a black labrador from her fourth and final litter.  We then carried Molly’s line on through Maggie who gifted us a an incredible fox red pup Tilly! Currently Tilly is our only breeding bitch , so she carries the responsibility of being the future for our Labradors. We also have a lovely “rogue” Cocker Spaniel called Lucy, who we have rescued from a sad situation.  They share our lives and home with us. We have a wealth of experience and expertise enabling us to give 100% commitment to our dogs and our puppies in our care.  Based in Plymouth, Devon our dogs enjoy a variety of rural and coastal walks.

~ Labrador Puppys: We breed our wonderful Labradors in Plymouth, Devon.   Our puppies come from a long line of health tested parents.  We have had four generations of labradors in our family.  Tilly is now picking up the reins and taking over from Maggie (her mother) and Molly (Tilly’s grandmother) sadly now passed away, Maggie has retired from giving us beautiful puppies and is spayed.  The level of care we give our puppies in those first 8 weeks is key to producing not only healthy pups, but equally as important, socially balanced puppies.  Please find more information about our puppies here

If you are considering a pup please read the following links: Puppy’s  puppy milestones, health in a pup and thoughts on having a puppy.  I am only happy to sell to people who are committed to their dogs and promise to stay in touch with me by the way of an occasional photo and updates with emails!

Im excited to be able to offer Pet First Aid courses, (dates to follow).  My first aid courses are in depth and will provide you the confidence to deal with any given emergency situation with your pet.

~ Whats Occurring:  Keep up to speed with whats occurring at Marchstone Manor, by clicking on News, to see a list of any new articles.

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Please note with regard to the new General Data Protection Regulations Act (25 May 2018) I do not hold personal information of my puppy buyers or dog walking customers on any software nor do I pass on any information to a third party.

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