Monthly Archives: March 2011

Puppies are three weeks old!

Goodness, where has the time gone?  The pups are three weeks old already.  Today is a bit of a milestone for our pups as we begin the toilet training.  The pups are steady on their feet now, so we are … Continue reading

The puppies are learning to play!

On Sunday afternoon we had them in the garden for about ten minutes, in the sunshine which they all seemed to enjoy their first experience of the big wide world, even though they fell asleep for some of the time! … Continue reading

They have definitely found their legs awwww…..

Bless them.  They are so adorable.  I hope you like this clip.

They are two weeks old!

 The pups over the last couple of days have been opening their eyes.  Interestingly watching the yellows develop it did look like they had applied a little bit too much eyeliner! The eyes are open and they are very dreamy.  … Continue reading

First Milestones Reached!!!!

Im so delighted to be posting with a video clip of them taking their first steps.  It all happened this afternoon – all of them suddenly were able to support themselves.  They are taking faltering, stumbling footsteps.  They do look … Continue reading

Puppies are approaching their first Milestones!

Puppies are 9 days old today! It wont be long before we are reaching the milestone of eyes opening and the pups being able to take their first proper steps.  I can see they are getting stronger at being able … Continue reading

Puppies are now a week old

Well here are a few video clips I have taken over the past few days. Molly is a brilliant mum, very attentive and nurturing to her babies. Just listen to them squeeking!  It is funny to see the puppies feeding … Continue reading

Gorgeous photos and two video clips! (3 days old)

Here is a little video clip of the first born puppy.  He was born at 2.12am.    We had a little bit of a wait before the next one came along. new born puppy Here is a “very” small clip of the … Continue reading

Katherine with her new family

Watch this space! We have 8 pups!

Molly has now been nesting in her whelping box and has been panting for quite a while now. The first stage of labour can take up some time! so there may not be any news for a while, but as … Continue reading