Turmeric Remedy

Turmeric can help prevent cancer cells producing, arthritis, lung problems, lumps, helps digestive problems, colon – plus many more.

“Golden Paste”

WEAR rubber gloves or latex medical gloves, use an old wooden spoon. TURMERIC STAINS!!!!

150g Turmeric Powder

250ml water (approximately) add a bit at a time until the correct consistency is reached.

One and a half teaspoons of pepper.

75ml of linseed oil or virgin olive oil.

Put all of the ingredients in a saucepan on a low heat, adding the water a little at a time. As you mix the ingredients it will thicken. Continue to add the water until the consistency is like a stodgy custard? (still smooth) you would be able to create lines in the mixture and they would stay there.  

Turmeric Treats …make up the golden paste as above then add porridge oats. This is something I tend to just chuck in until it looks right. It tends to cover the top of the mixture, I stir it in and then usually add little more.

Whilst wearing your rubber gloves… I then make small balls of the turmeric paste and then bake for 12 minutes. Baking at a temp as though cooking biscuits!!

(I weigh mine so I know the dogs are getting the amount I want….. 22g, however once you get the rough idea of what 22g looks like there is no need to weigh them all!).

I only ever keep approx 4 days supply in the fridge, the rest go in the freezer.

Disclaimer…Please note it helps various problems but there is no evidence to suggest it definitely helps.  Any advice given on my website does not take the place of a vets.

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