Puppies are getting faster!

As the days are flying by the puppies are definitely gathering pace!

I have taken three of the puppies around the block so they can experience the big wide world in the safety of the arms of someone they know very well.  I will be taking them all out for a little trip around the block at least twice so they will have an understanding of what a bigger space feels like.

As a breeder, you need to try and see things from your puppies eyes – to see how they may feel about things as they are so small – things can feel dauntingly enormous until they can feel sure that something that is imposing and oppressive to them is actually nothing to worry about and safe.

This litter continue to be the quietest litter we have had!  Normally with previous litters we have a chorus of cries first thing in the morning or when they are waiting for their dinner, but these pups are rather patient and cry only a little bit in the morning. They are definitely holding on to their wee’s and poo’s until they get into the garden (with the exception of some wee’s being missed as we cant always get them out quick enough!).  They are an intelligent bunch of puppies!!

I am having problems with the computer taking forever to load photos and videos – which has resulted in me staying up till way past midnight attempting to do a diary update.  As I am already worn out – Unfortunately as a resut I will be reducing the amount of updates as I cannot physically keep being up so late and up so early with a busy day ahead!

I have loaded photos on to the gallery

Here are a few of my favourite photos.

DSC_0055 DSC_0040 DSC_0034 DSC_0020