Puppy play in the evening!

We are now at the stage with the toilet training and the puppy’s development to have playtime “freetime” in the lounge.  It is madness but wonderful to see them playing together on the carpet.

The toilet training is going well with a big majority of wee’s being done in the garden (on the grass!!!) and we haven’t had any poos in the house for the past two days.  Regular visits to the garden are required as they will still need opportunity!

As the level of activity has increased I have also had to change all the collars.  I was able to replace 4 out of the 6 yesterday and after a shopping spree today I could then change the remaining collars. The puppies are still the same colours!  (though I saw a very cute collar for Miss Pink that was purple – very tempting as so sweet!!!!).

Maggie has also bee able to spend time playing with the puppies without them constantly feeding from her.  It takes time for Maggie to learn how to stop the pups from feeding at every single opportunity, she wants to be able to spend time with them and play – so soon this will be more relaxed for her.

Here are a couple of videos from today.

Puppy puppy puppy

Andrex Puppy