Time is flying by

DSC_0834My puppies are doing so very well that they are going to totally break my heart when they leave – so I can only stress the importance of keeping in touch with me (whichever method you prefer – email/phone/text/posting of photos in snail mail or facebook).  As a breeder feedback is so important – good or bad – as then I can address any problems anyone maybe having OR change something Im doing.

I do sit and reflect the importance of my puppies in the right homes and I am sure all of my buyers are wholly aware of how much the pups mean to me and how I am willing to receive a text or phonecall in the middle of the night if it means to prevent worry.  A problem shared is always a problem halved.  Patricularly if you are feeling upset or anxious.

Anyway – enough of the soppy stuff, I am feeling a bit emotional about my pups and as in a short three weeks times you will all be getting to enjoy your new members of your family.

I have just updated the photo gallery (I have been having snags with my computer so a few were missed).

Here are a few videos for you to enjoy

Puppies learning the piano

Naughty Puppy – take heed – your belongings are at risk – if the puppy can reach it then it can be damaged – so anything that gets spoilt is YOUR fault and not the puppies.

Cute yellows – again take note of how the puppies are playing with feet.  Their teeth are sharp. This is 100% normal behaviour!

Flying pink (running)