7 Weeks old

We have had a very busy few days, lots of visitors!

The puppies are becoming very bold and playful – it is a joy to watch them!


I have now taken all the puppies for a little trip around the block, and have started on round two visits.

The puppies are now finding themselves in little kerfuffles with siblings as they need to understand to listen to reactions from the puppies.  It is important for them to work out when to back off.

Maggie is still feeding the puppies which is quite something at 7 weeks.  Molly would have stopped at six weeks!  Maggie is now beginning to point the puppies in the right direction for their behaviour so she can enjoy some time with her puppies without them running completely wild with her!

Today has been worming day, so hopefully all the little tummies will be ok.

I do have alot of photos to upload – so keep an eye on the gallery over the next couple of days.

Follow the leader

Maggie taking charge

Pouncing Puppy

Puppa puppa’s