Puppies at 13 days

All of the puppies eyes are either open or still opening which is just fabulous.  Until you get to see it first hand for yourself, It is so hard for me to describe just how wonderful this is.  I do feel like I can it into their souls with these beautiful dreamy eyes peering back at me!

You will see in the video clip below that the yellow girls eyes are pretty much fully open, whereas the blue collar boys eyes are little “chinks” in the corners.  When they start to open, the eyes open from the corners and then open very gradually.  It is perfectly normal for this to happen over a period of time.  It is harder to show the black puppies eyes up in the videos!

So for a further couple of days I will not be taking pictures in effort to protect their eyes.

Molly has been very protective towards her puppies but is starting to calm down and relax a little now, Melvin and Stanley do venture into the living room now.  Charlie is still preferring to stay in the hallway (it is far safer in his opinion! bless him).  Archie has been in the living room since the start but has never crossed the boundary of venturing too close to the pups.

The puppies are tottering about all over the puppy pen – again, another proud moment from my point of view – I just simply adore this developmental stage!!!!

I hope you enjoy the two videos.  13 days old tottering, 13 days old a good view of Miss Oranges eyes!

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