Yesterdays update….18 days old

Yesterday was worming day!  Not my favourite part of having puppies but luckily we all escaped the event unscathed.  No evidence of worms which is fab!  The puppies will be wormed every two weeks from now on.  Molly was wormed a couple of days before mating, I do not believe in worming pregnant dogs however it has to be recognised that worms can transfer from the bitch to the pups when they are developing in her womb.  Worms can also be transferred through the milk.  So Molly was wormed yesterday also.  (Breeders do vary with their worming programme – some start at 2 weeks old).

The pups still spend a lot of time having milk and feeding but when they are awake they are making the most of playtime!  They are learning skills of “how to play” with their litter mates.  This is very important as part of their socialisation!  They are making some funny little noises, little barks and growls.  It makes us laugh as they sometimes jump backwards as if in surprise at the noise they have just made – did it really come from them?!!

I have updated the puppy gallery with some more photos.

Molly with little peaches! (Miss Orange)

Here is a gorgeous photo of our Molly nursing peaches (who somehow snuck in an extra feed when the others were asleep!)… Molly has such a glossy coat!

Bitches can lose condition when they are feeding their puppies.  Luckily for us Molly has never lost condition – it is called a lactation moult and the poor girl can look terrible.  Molly has never had a lactation moult.  I put it down to the fact I monitor her levels of nutrition very highly.  Nutri-plus gel is my secret weapon alongside monitoring her fluids too!  Molly is given plenty of extra meals, cheese and eggs.  Some say it is not down to the nutrition – who knows?  I just hope we remain lucky and that Molly keeps as healthy looking as this photo!