11 Days old – we have reached “Toddlerdom”

The little ones are all tottering about the whelping box on their unsteady little padded paws!  So very cute to watch them taking their tentative steps.   They do look a little drunk and when they topple over, they do a rapid roly poly.  (cute).

The two yellow puppies and the black girl (pink collar) have started to open their eyes.

The puppies are also reaching their target weights, needless to say I am very happy with their progress!!

Here is a little video clip of the toddlers in action.

Molly is an adoring mother, she lays with them while they feed, and stays as they drop off to sleep.  I really enjoy watching the puppies drop off the teat as they are so content with full tummies they nod off!  Molly is enjoying a walk every morning and most definitely enjoying her extra meals!  I have to keep a record of the food and fluids we are giving Molly, as overdoing it could have a bad knock on effect to her digestive system and rob her off all the nutrients and dehydrate her in the process, so it is essential to get the quantities right.

We are all very happy here at “Puppy Paradise” enjoying our precious charges.