20 days old!

We have been spending time sitting in the pen with the puppies crawling over us, it is the nicest feeling.  I love seeing the puppies squirming up to you and crawling all over you, trying to get under you, climbing up so they can look into your eyes!  Reminds me of the story we are going on a bear hunt, we cant go under it, we cant go over it so we have to go around it!!!  Makes me think the puppies haven’t heard the story as they were up to allsorts!  Very cute indeed.  Cute just doesn’t convey JUST how cute they are!  I love them so much.  They are going to be little heart breakers!

I have a few video clips of the puppies!

Puppies and their first time with toys

Another with toys – featuring a smurf!

This video clip was taken a couple of days ago 18 days old

and this clip was taken at 19 days

Photos added to the gallery.