We are about to hit TWO milestones!!!!

Today the pups are 10 days old.  The puppies eyes are starting to open in a few of the puppies.  The eyeliner look in the yellow is becoming more “towie” shall we say!  The pink collared black girl, her eyes have opened up quite a bit – but still a way to go.  So…. on the basis of them needing to get used to seeing what is about them, I will not be taking photos using a flash.

The other milestone……. they have grown so strong in the last few days that they are really trying to walk!!!! I will post a video clip when I have had the chance to make one.  It is so lovely to see them trying.  They haven’t mastered it yet but it wont be long!!!  They are taking steps but rolling over as they haven’t quite got their balance sorted out yet!  It is so very lovely to see!

Here is a photo I took yesterday.  (I have added more photos from yesterday to the gallery! there are some really cute photos)

Puppy Pile 9 days old!