Gorgeous photos and two video clips! (3 days old)

Here is a little video clip of the first born puppy.  He was born at 2.12am.    We had a little bit of a wait before the next one came along.

new born puppy

Here is a “very” small clip of the pups at three days old.

3 days old

The puppies are doing really well, they have all put weight on and are very good at squeeking.  A couple of them make special “chuntering” noises which is very cute.  Molly is very well in herself and has had a walk today.  Her physique is almost back to her normal “size 10 jeans” (lucky girl!).

I think we might have a cheeky pup amongst us – take a peek at “Melvin” he has quite literally dived in and his rear end is sticking out!  I think this boy is going to be trouble! 🙂