The puppies are learning to play!

On Sunday afternoon we had them in the garden for about ten minutes, in the sunshine which they all seemed to enjoy their first experience of the big wide world, even though they fell asleep for some of the time!

At the age of 18 days they have started to play with one another, even started wagging their tails.  It is comical as to see them “playfight” with each other as they are so clumsy!

Their development is exquisite to watch.  I really could watch them for hours!  It wont be long before I will need to put the pen up to ensure they dont escape from the box!

We do have a couple of little monkeys amongst them, it isnt Melvin this time, but we have one who is on a mission to escape and another who likes to try and find milk from his little brothers and sisters (naughty eh?).