Puppies are three weeks old!

Goodness, where has the time gone?  The pups are three weeks old already.  Today is a bit of a milestone for our pups as we begin the toilet training.  The pups are steady on their feet now, so we are able to put them in the garden and hopefully begin good “learned” behaviour.

We have managed to have many wee’s out in the garden and the best result is four poo’s too! 

Today is worming day.  So in preparation for the medicine we have given the puppies natural yoghurt before we wormed them and also some yoghurt a little later on.  The puppies did seem rather quiet and a bit grumbly but they have perked up a few hours after being given the wormer.

Here is a video of them taken this evening playing in our living room.  They are just adorable little pups.  Seeing them play is just delightful.

and another video!